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Located in a former railway industry in Malmö Sweden. We trigger discourse to facilitate creative exchange and unleash your creative potential, warmly welcome!



We are experts in audio engineering, sound design, recording and post production. Silas Bieri's experience and collaboration with theatre directors, choreographers, musicians, game designers and filmmakers makes us a unique partner for non-standard audio solutions.

Media Studio

We built one of southern Sweden’s largest media and sound studios – With its unique estethic and atmosphere, it is ideal for large-scale music recording, live rehearsals, film and photo shooting. It is the backbone of our productions and built up on the highest quality standards.

Artistic Collaboration

We live for the creative process and handle projects that often grow into artistic collaborations. Artistic Director Emma Ribbing led us to cooperate internationally in physical and visual art, science, education, city planning, textile design music and cinematography.



Our facilities are located in the heart of a former railway factory. The rough industrial architecture is an inspiring contrast to our modern customized spaces. Our studios are accessible by car, bike and public transport.

For more detailed information download the technical rider and floor plan

About Us

Since 2014 we spent days and nights constructing our studios. We put all our resources and creativity to stay independent and not compromise with our aesthetics. Our infrastructure grew over a period of 10 years from working artistically in sound and stage art in Sweden and Switzerland. The characteristic interior is completely built up from recycled materials. We are immensely grateful for the help from dedicated friends and family who helped us constructing in-discourse studios. It is our favorite working space and we hope it will be yours!

“It sounds warm, edgy, grainy, mouldy, sharp” – Seriously – Working with sound is to 80% the job of a translator.

Silas Bieri

Sound Engineer / Sound Designer

I use movement, games and installation to encourage associative dialogues.

Emma Ribbing

Movement Director / Art Director

“I will fix it in post!”

Alexis Rodríguez C.

Photographer / AV Post Producer

Approach new music as you would approach a stranger: Free from prejudice and stigma.

Miro Rutscho

Founder / Partner


in-discourse AB
Södra Bulltoftavägen 51G
21222 Malmö

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